Saturday, January 23, 2010

Officially NOT a Beauty School Dropout!

After 1 LONG LONG year. I finally figured out how to work the blow dryer, roll the perms, paint the nails, and Graduate from Cosmetology school! I'll be working at Urban Bette Salon in Santaquin, and the Gym salon in Nephi! Thanks to my awesome family for all the support! and to my amazing husband for letting me vent countlessly, and NOT letting me quit. I'm super excited to check this box off my to do list, and get going with my career!


Jakoye said...

Being completely done with school is a great feeling!!!! Aren't you glad you hung in there and didn't quit??!?! You should be very proud of yourself Amy!!!

The stevensons said...

I LOVE being done with school. now i have esthetician school. and going back to uvu this fall. ugh.... oh well.. one thing down